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Odartey Aryee

Born in Accra, Ghana

Lives & works in Vancouver, Canada

and Accra, Ghana.

Odartey's visual language is infused with his deep appreciation for art, culture, and storytelling. He has a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the essence of his subjects.


2018 - Kuenyehia Prize for Contemporary Arts Shortlist 

2019 - GUBA Awards USA - Most Influential Artist Nominee

2021 - Climate Crisis Film Festival Jury

2022 - Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

2022 - Panelist - Uni. of Copenhagen, School of Global Health

2023 - Panelist - Vancouver Black International Film Festival

2024 - Panelist - Simon Fraser University, SOCA

Exhibitions & Festivals

2018 - French Embassy of Ghana

2019 - Carthasis Exhibition I

2022 - Sony World Photography Awards 

2023 - African Film Festival New York

2024 - Berlinale Forum / Expanded 

WaterAid Ghana, ActionAid UK, Guinness Ghana, ClimateCulture, ProjectMaji, Kindermissionwerk, GlobalPlatform, Right2Dream, Magnum, Netflix+CBC, Fairtrade International, Ssense

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